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<<<<<<< Jets vs Browns -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

If I owned the Browns, the DC is fired right now.  Maybe the HC, too.  That one goes down as one of the biggest chokes of all time.

Of course that is the problem - we fans don't care about long term this, its a game of inches, etc. One bad play or loss and it is burn it down.

That being said, couldn't happen to a nicer owner; burn it down baby and eat the Watson contract and no 1sts - ROFL.

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1 minute ago, jetspenguin said:


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What's funny?

That the Jets pulled a win thanks to an inept Browns team or you cant troll worth a damn?

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1 minute ago, McNeil said:

I understand the emotion, but Saleh celebrating kind of makes me sick. That was 1/500k good fortune.

Not really, because although they should have lost, 10:1 the worst of it recovering an onside kick.  The Jets SHOWED fight and never gave up.  Shows they’ve got Bobby Salads back, which is great.

Definitely a game to use as a springboard to get better in LOTS of ways.

Also, Garrett Wilson not only KNOWS (in only his 2nd game) that he BELONGS in the NFL, but is most likely going to be a Perennial All-Pro.

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