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4 hours ago, Asymmetrical said:

Gase era levels of resignation and sense of doom creeping in. Not good!

I see no difference right now (and the past year) between Gasetite and Richie Salesmansalahtite. Its just been rinse and repeat. BTW, is it 0-21 yet?

Taking receipts ...

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4 hours ago, T0mShane said:

This is THE game of Robert Saleh’s career. Both the national and local media are ready to kick the living sh*t out of him over the “receipts” callout, and if he gets blown out by Jacoby Brissett, he is going to get mercilessly clowned from coast to coast, and Woody is going to hear all of it. He has zero excuses—he hand-picked the QB, he got all of the pieces he wanted on defense, and they have enough pieces on offense to win some games, yet he’s a 6.5-point dog going into this game. Unacceptable. If they get smacked around this week, they’ll get crushed next week at home vs the Bengals in Zach’s return, and Saleh is going to hit #1 with a bullet on every “coaches on the hot seat” graphic. This dude is on a downward spiral with no one to blame but himself. Stay off the stairs and win a game, Bob. 

I couldn't agree more esp. after " receipt gate"...  We'll see if this team responses to this, aaaaaaaaaaaaa, HC.  If not he is toast and I am the guy with toaster and plug.

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