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*** The official fire ROBERT SALEH thread ***


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4 minutes ago, Yucatan Jetfan said:

You can shut up now. Go stand in the corner

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2 minutes ago, thshadow said:

This thread aged well


2 minutes ago, chirorob said:

This thread aged better than any thread in the history of aging threads.


Talk sh*t when Saleh gets back above .500 as a coach. 

Then and only then, do you maybe have a leg to stand on. 

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Just now, thshadow said:

The only way this thread could have been better is if the OP said "And Garret Wilson sucks, that drop cost us the game"

Except I'm a realist, and dont say such things. 

And you're just riding the high of a win that was given to us. 

Time will be on one of our sides, and it isnt you. 

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