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The Happy Ending In Cleveland: A Short Film

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Literally everything had to go right in the final 2:30 or whatever it was, after Kareem Hunt got that 3rd down conversion on the screen pass.

Everybody knows about Chubb going for the stat-padding TD.

But leading up to that, Hunt went out of bounds on the next 2 runs, which kept the clock above the 2-minute warning.

You could see one of their O-linemen giving the "keep the clock running" signal with his right arm to the ref.  He was trying to convince the ref that Hunt was tackled in bounds.  Even he was aware of the situation, but Hunt wasn't.

Awful coaching oversight by Stefanski there, not making sure his offensive players were aware and on the same page.

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10 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

It's funny how Browns fans are killing Chubb now for not taking a knee instead of scoring....but look at that end zone shot 14 seconds in....seems like all of them loved the TD at that time.

Not much situational awareness from the crowd.  LOL

Chubb is the one getting blamed but didn’t Hunt run out of bounds twice?

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