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I've said it before and I'll say it again...Thank you, Joe Douglas


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Shows you how bad we really were as an organization for over a decade.

But like, there is another step.... the jump from being competent to being good.

I'm definitely positive and excited, but like that offseason JN meme of "this is the real 'year one' of the rebuild" is kinda true? This is the pre-build? 

Is this just a roster that's being setup for the next coach and quarterback?

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Just now, Warfish said:

So we've been really, really bad at drafting WR's for a while, till now (we hope).

Got it.

Some of us have seen enough of these guys between college and the pros to be a bit further along than hoping.   But for those who have only seen them in a few games, yes, they're hoping.

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