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Real time podcast of Browns collapse


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9 hours ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

While I did enjoy watching they're reactions, I can't laugh at them because this was one game.  99% of the people here have these same emotions every other Sunday, myself included.

I have no hate towards the Browns, and this honestly hit a little too close to home lol.

Not me, I have way less hope for the Jets than they do for  the Browns. 

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6 hours ago, jetstream23 said:


Starting the video at 7:18 when the big guy interrupts his buddy announcing the onside kick attempt.  He loses it.  It's great.

"Are you kidding me Browns? What is going on here? They got their heads up their ass fellas!" ? ? ?




I'm dying.

Norm looks a lot better since he stopped going to Cheers everyday. 

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15 hours ago, SeattleJet said:

Here is the video version of the same podcast. I don't know how to embed. Really funny!


Most amazing utube vid i've seen in a long time! I'm still smiling!

Funniest part was this was a 4-panel vid with a talking head in each panel, but one guys feed was 30 seconds ahead of the other 3, and the one guy kept delivering the bad news to the other 3. Too funny, and so nice the shoe was on the other foot ?


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