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From bust to hero: Mann AFC ST Player of the week


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1 minute ago, FidelioJet said:

Braden Mann needs to punt better.

It's asking way too much for Jets fans to want their punter to be good at punting. 

So starved for wins, people are happy that a punter is good at something he will do maybeee once or twice a season. 

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12 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

He is good at punting. Go see what other teams deal with and for most of them it's worse.

He was plenty adequate last year - not omg awesome, but certainly not terrible - right in the low teens give or take if you look at more than just gross yards/punt. It was still a multi-yard jump from his rookie season, and there wasn't a great disparity between guys several slots ahead of or behind him. 

Net punting average last year was 41.6 (over a 4-yard improvement over his rookie year). That's in the middle. In truth just having a net average >40 yards is typically fine irrespective of the actual rank #. There are what, 2-3 guys in the league averaging even 43+ net? So even if his net average isn't among the top half-dozen or so, the difference is negligible (you're talking several inches, or maybe 4-5x @Jetsfan80's penis length, which still isn't much at all).

There are guys who net a higher gross punt average, but some are just outkicking their coverage, sacrificing height for distance, or ignoring a rusher getting close because he needs his precious space for a full motion, whether there's time or not, and won't tighten his motion or slide out of the way just to make sure he gets it off at all.

  • Chicago's O'Donnell had a higher gross average by half a yard, but his net was a full 3 yards less.
  • Or there's NE's punter whose 47+ yard average was aided by the reality that there's no y/p penalty for not getting the punt off in time, as he was blocked 3x last year. Three.
  • Also a bunch of other top gross-yardage punters have more than half their games in a climate-controlled dome, or even a higher altitude, instead of the northeast's disgusting weather where we get wind, rain, snow, etc. Plus then in the winter, when the temp really dips down low, an already-harder K-ball is probably like kicking a rock.

Mann certainly isn't at the top of that list, but he gets more hang-time than most. On paper he was #5 overall in hangtime, when you weed out those who didn't punt at least 30-40 times last year. 

Last year he wasn't a top 3 guy, but was arguably or at least nearly a top 10 punter when looking at the total of lot of measurements rather than just the one for gross yards/punt. The only meaningful area he's really lacking is landing punts inside the 20, but being a Jets punter he wasn't kicking from midfield as much as a lot of these guys. 

Outside the very best or very worst few a lot of these rankings are really splitting hairs. Is it really that much of a game-changer if whether he averaged 40 net yards/punt or 42 net yards/punt? Overall, you want less than half returned, not often because of a touchback, and those that are returned are done so at a clip of under 10 yards per. Doing that, he's perfectly fine in terms of stats, and he's cheap + available to the Jets. 

He had a brutal shank week 1. If that's the only one, whatever. If it's something he does every month or so, and/or he flubs a few snaps, or if his motion was so slow he gets blocked a few times... then punter's a big problem. One timely perfect onside kick more than makes up for one shank, plus a 4th down pass that became yet another touchdown in the same game only adds to it.

He's more than redeemed himself after his 1st week. What he does from week 3 onward we'll see & judge him on that.

This only solidifies my opinion. 

When you have to go this deep into the analytics to contradict that someone sucks, usually means something. 

I'll believe my eyes when im watching the games. 

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4 hours ago, JTJet said:

This only solidifies my opinion. 

When you have to go this deep into the analytics to contradict that someone sucks, usually means something. 

I'll believe my eyes when im watching the games. 

It should solidify that your measuring stick is off. ;) 

Most teams are worse off, plenty of those that aren’t have a punter typically working in a dome, and the average net punt isn’t that different from about the 5th best to about the 20th best. 

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a lot of people don't seem to care for mann.  rightly so if only looking at punting average but then he uncorks a trick pass or isn't afraid to tackle a guy returning a punt.  it's awful nice to see a punter get into the action as opposed to punting and then avoiding everything.

Oh, yeah 44.6 average is just plain terrible.

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