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If The Jets Won the SB would You Cry ?


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10 minutes ago, naturalscience said:


I was much more emotionally attached to the Yankees in '96 and I didn't cry then and I ain't crying now. I will cheer and laugh and jump around like a fool but no tears are falling.

Unless I eat the ghost pepper sauce I made, then the tears will flow. 

I cried with the Yankees in 95. But I was also 11 lol

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Not anymore. I don't believe so. 

I’d probably laugh hysterically at first in disbelief, take a deep breath, and just cherish to now have that inner joy of satisfaction of another life goal/bucket list that was realized/accomplished: live to see the NY “Goddämn” Jets win a Super Bowl. Lol

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1 hour ago, FootballLove said:

I'd cry while counting my money!!! I always drop at least $100 (sometimes years much, much more) on the Jets to win it all every year (my bro lives in Vegas and drops my bet at the Bellagio). I'll show you my slip if we win. Put it this way, yes, I'll cry while counting my piles of mulla!!!

This is why season-win over bets account for more wins than are possible across the NFL

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