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3 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

Agree to disagree 

This aspect of the argument isn't an "agree to disagree" situation.

Imagine the Jets are 10-6 heading into Week 17 (this year or next).  The Jets are one win away from the postseason.  Wilson gets hurt early in the game and is out for the next 3 weeks, minimum.  What are your thoughts on Zach Wilson then?

You can make an argument that Zach Wilson is talented enough to be a franchise QB.  You CANNOT argue against the idea that he's injury prone.  Nor can you argue that any injury prone QB can be a true franchise QB.  How many of those can you name in NFL history?

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Lack of pocket awareness Flacco fumbles for the third time. Yeah, it must be my "Flacco hate" talking, as opposed to an acknowledgment of reality unfolding before our eyes. End the pain and take him out as the bengals aren't going to grasp a loss from the jaws of victory as the browns did. Put in a young guy who could at least grow from the experience.

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