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Just now, bostonmajet said:

He has said it multiple times he tires not to yell at players during the game; common management tip - praise publicly, discipline privately. I don't really have a problem with that.

Look I won’t pretend to know what happens behind closed doors but I do t see that being the case when the undisciplined plays happen over and over again 

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2 minutes ago, Jets723 said:

Not really.  Like you said you’ve made your mind up about him and nothing will change your mind.  That’s perfectly fine that’s your right and I’m not trying to change your mind.  However I’m sticking to my opinion as well and am not changing it unless I see that the kid clearly doesn’t have it

Is he or is he not injury prone.  I'm not even talking about whether he's good or not at this point but you're not answering the actual question.

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