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5 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

Waiting for my sub from the local deli, picked a table to sit while I waited, inadvertently picked a table that has Joe Namath pictures all over it. 

It's a sign!!!

A sign that we are winning the Super Bowl, or a sign that Zach has Namath's knees? 

You can look at this either way. 

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Boger’s crew has the game today.  Plays right into the hands of the Bengals. 


Jerome Boger’s Impact on Jets vs Bengals, Week 3

Jerome Boger is the head referee for the Jets vs Bengals Week 3 game. Let’s break down how Boger may impact this game and betting markets.

How does referee Jerome Boger Impact this Game?

The 0-2 Bengals face off against the Jets this Sunday, and referee Jerome Boger’s officiating style may just be the fix for a Cincinnati offense struggling to find its 2021 explosiveness and winning ways.

The offensive line has been at the center of the Bengals’ woes to start 2022. Boger is a referee who is QB friendly and traditionally limits penalties on the offensive line.

Additionally, Boger’s officiating style tends to call an above-average rate of penalties on defensive backs which often provide easy yardage via penalties and/or automatic 1st downs to extend drives.

Boger oversaw the Joe Burrow to Tyler Boyd TD controversy that benefited the Bengals in their 2021 Wild Card win over the Raiders that gifted Cincinnati 7pts despite the play being whistled dead.

Offensive Holding & Defensive Pass Interference Penalties:

Jerome Boger was tied for the fewest offensive holding penalties per game in 2021. He called the 3rd fewest per game in 2020.

Boger was above average in calling defensive pass interference in the 2020/2021 NFL seasons.

The Bengals’ offensive line has faced two elite defensive players in their first two games of the season: T.J Watt & Micah Parsons. They also had a referee in Week 1 who emphasized offensive line penalties. They won’t in Week 3 vs the Jets.

The Bottom Line:

Jerome Boger has been the best Over referee in the NFL in the past six seasons, 57% of all games officiated by Boger have gone Over the total.

Boger is 19-13 Over (60%) since the start of the 2020 NFL season

Home teams like the Jets have a losing ATS record with Jerome Boger, going 42-50-3 ATS (46%) since 2016

Home underdogs, which the Jets are this week, fare even worse with Boger. They’re just 12-17 ATS (40%) over that same span

The Bengals with Burrow at QB have a brief but successful history with Jerome Boger officiating, including a 2-0 moneyline & ATS record in 2021

We can make a strong case for the Jets/Bengals Over and with a reasonably low total and Boger’s excellent Over record, it’s definitely worth considering.

But after two dismal performances to open the 2022 NFL season, this Sunday is critical for the Bengals. Start 0-3 and they’re in serious trouble. 

In getting Jerome Boger assigned to the game, Cincinnati caught a break from an officiating standpoint.

The Bengals have had recent success with Boger as head referee. Combine that with home underdogs struggling when Jerome Boger officiates, including 0-4 ATS in 2021, and the Bengals have no excuses Sunday.


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24 minutes ago, Drums said:

Both Bengals losses came at the last second--they're not as bad as they sound. This game is going to be a dogfight.

Bingo - this team is 2 plays away from 2-0. We will have to play exceptional football to reel this one in. 

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