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Communication Issues? ......no way!!!!!


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3 hours ago, undertow said:

Sounds like the defense is revolting against Saleh's sh*tty defensive scheme. 

Well that not true we literally saw quinen revolting live calling out the coaching staff for stupid play calling. The scheme is not necessary bad, I mean we know it is not since we have seen it run elsewhere with good success, the particular coaching and play calls and lack of game plan is at fault. We have the scheme based on the front getting pressure and they don't call it that way they throw the kitchen sink on that particular play. Stupid call.

Once again a call made by our def coordinator who seems inept. I think the system can work if we got pressure. But over we so bad coverage with no game situational awareness. 

Look the system could be bad but it is hard to tell here because we do really stupid things and don't let our guys go.

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Pretty much any defensive system 'works' if you can get pressure. It turns out that isn't so easy and rarely do you have just have 4 guys who can do it so you rely on the defensive coordinator to come up with a way to generate pressure or handle the lack of it. 
If the coordinator needs all-stars at half the positions.. what value does he actually bring?

completely agree

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7 hours ago, #90 said:

D.J. Reed says the defensive players and coaches need to have a meeting to hash out the communication issues that pop up every week. “Unacceptable,” he said. #Jets


7 hours ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

You have to appreciate that type of accountability from a new player who signed with the team. Thats how you start to change the culture. Week 3 and highly prized FA signing who has been BALLING is calling out the coaching staff

He’s calling it how we’re all seeing it! 

Friggin ridiculous actually... why do we have a HC and DC if we have no communication?  This is a full on indictment of how inexperienced and not prepared are our coaches.  It's an embarrassment.  

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58 minutes ago, Sammybighead said:

Rex would have this defense top 5 in the league. Same personnel.

Would put Sauce on the top WR like Revis, and have the other 10 figure it out. Would stunt and overload; right now DL all bull rush right at the OL guy in front of them. Novariation on splits nor fronts. Chase being so open on that TD cannot happen. Down close in the end zone, has to be a man on their best receiver. They have to be saying in meetings all week, Chase is their top guy, let's get a body on him every play. Didn't happen. 

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6 hours ago, varjet said:

Didn’t Ulbrich work with Dan Quinn that everyone thinks now is a defensive genius?   

Not sure.

I have never seen an industry like the NFL, where people accept the notion “if a coach worked for another coach, he will recreate all the same things” as dogma. It’s just not real.



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