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NFL replaces Pro Bowl with 'The Pro Bowl Games' featuring weeklong skills competitions, flag football game


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Pro Bowl weekend should be a lot of fun for true NFL fans. It should be the NFL's nod to us - after all the years of changing the game and marketing to lure any and every dollar they can get their hands on, they should make the pro bowl about the fans of the game.

We have some of the best players of the league year all in one place. Lets settle some scores. Which QB throws the hardest? Which RB runs the fastest? Which WR runs the best routes? Which DE/OLB has the quickest time to the QB? Which CB has the best hands? Which DT/NT can hold up against the most blockers? Which ILB is the best tackler? etc.

There are so many things the league could do without sacrificing player safety to make this a really fun weekend. They have boatloads of money to throw around. Incentivize the players to take it seriously.

The NBA and MLB do it to an extent with their skills competitions/HR derby. The NFL has so much more to offer than either of those sports, but are too stuck in their ways to try to attempt it. The pro bowl game has been dead or stupid since as far back as I can remember (mid/late 90s). 

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I never understood grown men getting angry over how bad all-star games are and how they should be cancelled....I always looked at them as marketing the game and mostly for 12 yr old's....so if your over the age of 18 and getting mad at this stuff it's time to reevaluate your life. 

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