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(Rumor ) Jets Are Signing T Mike Remmers


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Let’s put this in perspective

The reason Jets drafted Becton instead of Wirfs is because 

A) Becton plays LT and Wirfs is a RT. Jets needed a LT since they had already signed Fant and Becton was the highest rated LT still on the board 

B)Andrew Thomas was picked by the Giants or he would have been the pick imo 

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13 hours ago, BCJet said:

Seriously - its insane that people are saying JD didnt address OT, its so ridiculous its hard to even read.

1. Drafted Becton - and yes that is something that actually is JD's fault as Becton hasnt worked out

2. Signed Fant who played well his first 2 years and is now banged up

3. Drafted Max Mitchell who is outplaying Ekwonu and Neal

4. Signed Duane Brown - who again got hurt

I dont know why there are so many injuries but the guy signed and drafted people at the position, unfortunately we are getting smacked with injuries.  There isnt a team in the league that has 4 legitimate OTs

One out of four, I guess that's success.

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13 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

He’s played Left Tackle including in SBs with the Chiefs. He would have to be better than Fant right now with his bad Knee, and McDermott with his poor play. OTs don’t grow on trees so at least Jets are trying to improve a bad situation at Left Tackle especially.

This is true and probably why he is still unemployed, he’s was exposed big time in that game.

 Hopefully some time away has cleared his head.

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14 hours ago, oatmeal said:

How about the human turnstile at LG?

We moved AVT a better player I wonder where he would be year 2 at LG… maybe better ?

how about Fant getting dragged from new York to Cleveland and back again? 

How about the complete JAG at Center that he refuses to replace for whatever reason 

how about all this draft capital and cap space JD had to work with

^^^^ name a GM that had that much resources and time (4 years) to build a O-Line

I’ll wait 

save me the excuses 

What is your deal, really?

Human turnstile LG who was a pro-bowler last year.

Center has been fine, not dominating, but middle of the pack. Not an issue, and still under contract. They did look at other options, but those other options signed elsewhere. They stuck with what they had.

So, in 3 years, they have
* Drafted an LT who had a ton of promise but now missed 2 years straight
* Drafted a G who can play both sides and is looking to be a star
* Drafted on OT depth who is starting in his rookie year and doing well
* Signed a pro-bowl G who, so far, has underwhelmed
* Signed a no-name OT than, when placed at LT, was near a league leader in pass pro
* Signed a pro-bowl (though 37 year old) LT as depth
* Signed a veteran C who has been as per PFF (take that for what it's worth), above average in his time with the Jets.

Oline has been overhauled and much improved, but then ravaged by injury unfortunately. Life's like that sometimes.

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4 hours ago, dbatesman said:

Of course. I’m not going to bat for Douglas here. Everything we’re talking about is a direct result of him blowing the Becton pick. But all this hindsight sh*t about “well, he should have known those guys would get hurt” is pretty silly. He did know. That’s why we signed a guy and drafted a guy. Now the guy we signed (who, historically, never gets hurt) is hurt too. Not really sure what else he’s supposed to do on the fly.

He's not supposed to fix a problem like LT on the fly. He's supposed to have a plan. Having the plan of Becton-is-our-starting-tackle has objectively demonstrated to be unreliable. Going into the season with that presumption is all on Joe Douglas. I am ecstatic that Max is working out. But taking a flier on a guy in the fourth round and waiting till after a catastrophic injury to sign a free agent isn't the priority i would've like to see at the position 

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