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Some Reasons I am still super optimistic for this season


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2 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

This is the 2nd year in a row that I end up more optimistic than the board.  Thats pretty ****ed up.  @Joe W. Namath is pretty far out there, but he has a point.  Before the season started I was hearing that we were going to be better but still start 0-9.  Now we are 1-2 and people are surprised? I get we are throwing a bunch and the D is pretty bad, well that was all to be expected.  Better to go down in flames than to keep repeating the 9-6 losses of Rex and Bowles.   I am not in love Saleh or the D, but they have not imploded yet.  I am willing to see which way they head.

The offense and special teams have mostly been fine in my eyes, all things considered.  The defense is an atrocity.  After all the resources dumped into that side of the ball, there's no excuse whatsoever that the defense looks exactly the same in 2022 as it did in 2021, even if we're only 3 games in.  

Massive improvement needed on that side of the ball and I'm not confident at all we'll see that.  Usually I'm blaming a lack of talent on the Jets' struggles, primarily.  That's not the case anymore.  The coaching on defense is 100 % to blame for that unit ranking 32nd right now.  Highly concerning performance out of a defense-minded HC.  If Ulbrich is the issue, fire him asap.  

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5 hours ago, jgb said:

Yeah in the other thread I estimated 5 years/$150M fully guaranteed is probably what it would take for the Jets to get him. 

Curious -- why not the route you would take?

Couple reasons. First, I am not sure the coach/GM thing works super well. I am sure there is an example of one but it wasnt great with Parcells, Belichick has been iffy even Rex's influence hurt the team. 

Second I just don't like the idea of 3 head coaches in 5 years. Not sure I would want to give up on Saleh and LaFleur after 2 years after firing Gase after 2 as well. Maybe Saleh will find his way. Like I said in another thread he finally seemed to own up to the system itself maybe being an issue and that is a big step for Saleh.

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