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Has there been any update on Duane Brown?


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1 hour ago, JetsFanatic said:

Yesterday Saleh said that Brown would be back at practice next week when he is off IR. That sounds hopeful.

Until a player is activated onto the 53 and actually practicing 11 x 11, I wouldn’t count on any timeline. 

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5 minutes ago, freestater said:

Thanks C-Mart. Appreciate the update 

There is this from last Wednesday.

But again, I wouldn’t take much from this. We saw Becton last December doing the same thing but they never took him off IR. 


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Forgetting the money for a minute, there is a scenario here where we have one game this sunday with a disaster at LT (hopefully its Hermans and not McDermott) and then Brown can come back and play 3-5 games and hold down the spot until Fant is fully healthy and then Brown can move to the bench and continue to rest his shoulder.  

Yea, its not great that we lost so many players but if Brown can possibly come back next week, we could avoid a complete disaster until Fant is healthy.

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