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Here is what is different about QB Zach Wilson ~


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18 hours ago, JoeFan said:

  Look up Peyton Manning’s first year.   I am too lazy to do so at the moment, but I believe that he had something like 16 touchdown passes and 26 interceptions.  Maybe we can even hold off on the boom or bust proclamations after Sunday’s game.  It will be Zach’s first time facing live bullets in 9 months. Plus, he will have a turnstile “protecting” his blind side.  What do I know, though?  I’m just an excuse maker.


I'm not to lazy and just did.  Payton was 5th in the league in TD passes with 26, 3rd in passing yard and 13th in net yards per attempt.  Payton Manning was asked to carry a team that was awful in his rookie year.  While he threw a league leading 28 INT's he absolutely showed that he had the ability to be an elite NFL QB.  

Comparing Zach's first year to Payton Manning as a reason to be optimistic about Zach if one of the worst arguments you can make.   Now if you want to compare Zach to Payton, Payton in year 2 took a 3 and 13 team to 13 and 3.  There are 13 games left in the season.  How about winning 7 games.  The Jets have surrounded Zach with talent.  The OL is not a dissaster.  There are ways to compensate for one second rate Tackle.  We have good TE's.  Joe Flacco put up reasonable stats and he's a statue.  

Zach has first rate talent around him.  The Steelers are not a good football team and Miami may well come in without their QB the following week.  Two winnable games.  Get the wins.  He's had a ton of time to look at film of both Pittsburgh and Miami and has had real practice time.  He needs to show command of the O and complete passes, move the chains and get the team in the endzone 3 or 4 times a game.  Not to much to ask of the No. 2 pick in the draft surrounded by good talent going against mediocre NFL defenses.  

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13 minutes ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

Everyone is saying Trevor Lawrence has taken this huge leap but if you look at his throws last week he looks like the same mediocre guy to me. Pederson is scheming a ton of short stuff to make it easy.

can you imagine this forum if Wilson’s first two quarters look like this? 



We should have hired Pederson.  Lawrence is 7th in adjusted yards per attempt at 7.6 per.    Joe Flacco in the Jets bombs away O is 29th at 5.6.   If Wilson is anywhere near as efficient as Lawrence has been everyone is going to need kneepads.   

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