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3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

At least you're willing to admit Wilson is playing poorly (along with others on the team, which I also of course agree with).  More than I can say for several in this thread.

WHO IS NOT ADMITTING HE'S PLAYING POORLY!! This isn't the W you think it is though.

From what I've read so far, you're putting EVERYTHING that happens on Zack.. What's that? The TE missed the pass? That's because the QB through sidearm (?!?!). What's that? The route on 3rd down was run short of the sticks? Obviously on the QB. What's that, roughing the passer on Lawson? Obviously that's Zack's fault. It's sooooo exhausting.

Dude's first game of the season, and on the radio, all I'm hearing from the start of the second quarter is either how he's making poor decisions (multiple 'almost picks'), he's missed some throws, and the receivers had had multiple drops. Then you have Pickett coming on, and the Pittsburgh receivers are making difficult catch after difficult catch (maybe the radio guys are just exaggerating??)

The OL is playing poorly (down to 5th and 6th OTs), the QB is playing poorly, the WRs are playing poorly. End of story.

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Zach is 8/24 for 124 yards and 2 INTs. Can't really get worse than that.

The OL is sucking badly too, and the receivers keep dropping the rare good passes that Zach throws

Defense is making Pickett look like 5 year vet

Jets have blown a 10 point lead.

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6 minutes ago, sciond said:

Serious I have watched for 50 years and maybe 5 of those years they had a decent team

The rest of the time bottom feeders

It's too bad I got sucked in watching Namath at Shea Stadium as a kid.

I would have better off doing something else possibly.

You could have stayed in yer bedroom, smoked weed and enjoyed the brilliance of genesis and yes

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