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2 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

Similar to when I saw Justin Fields play, not going to call him a bust because you never know. But there's no way anyone can have confidence in him after this game. Damn. Feel like someone sliced me with a katana. 

How different a performance did you expect?

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I am not apologizing for Zach, but this rookie QB got

1. A better OL

2. A good running game

3. a TE who can catch

4. an OC who designed a set of plays for a rookie QB.


- so, it is more than just the QB - the whole jets team, including coaching, is blowing this game...

Fo example, a short throw and a shot run, 3rd and 6 - brilliant play calling.

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Just now, doitny said:

@TuscanyTile2 is in charge of garbage time rules.

i think he subtracted 400 yds and 4 TDs from Flaccos stats for garbage time

Good point.

I think the only reason these shmucks call it "garbage time" for the other QB's on the roster is because Zach has proven incapable of being able to take advantage of a prevent D to date.  

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