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I'm conflicted


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14 minutes ago, Kleckineau said:

I responded to your off topic response.

If you are going to be snarky at least be accurate.

I wasn’t snarky and you missed the conversation because nothing was off target.

‘Have a good day. 

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I honestly don't know what this team is.  There is obviously talent there.

The question is, are we still figuring it out with old man Flacco the first few games now shaking off the rust with Zach? Or are we poorly coached on offense and this just is what it is?  The decimation of the OL certainly isnt helping.

We caught the Browns flat footed celebrating a victory, and the Steelers are just a bad football team right now.

It's great to be .500, but I just dont know jow things are going to shake out.

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9 hours ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

Wilson- serviceable but not encouraging until the 4th quarter. Then something clicked and he was running the offense to a 4th qtr comeback Victory, not a FG to tie. He showed his doubters something, but its not going to silence any objective critic that he still has some headache-inducing flaws. 
but that velocity on his passes when its accurate ……….

This game had something for everyone, no matter which side of the Wilson debate you are on.

For the doubter, he struggled through three quarters and was a big part of the reason we fell behind. He looked like first half of the season Wilson.

For the supporters, he put together what probably were the two best back to back drives of his career. In the 4th quarter. To win a game.  Against a good defense.

Happy with the win, and encouraged by the way he finished, but as a doubter myself, the doubt is still there. Although not as strong as it was heading into the 4th quarter.

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