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A renewed look at the schedule ROS

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I'm disappointed Tua is out. I prefer to beat the Fish at home with them at full strength. Don't need any false promises. I wanna see how good we really are.

Saleh was right when he said the best path to the POs is winning your division. That's where we need to focus. 

Miami and Bills need to split, giving each a loss (so far, so good).

We need to sweep NE and beat the Fish at home. Not impossible. Gives both NE and the Fish 2 losses in the division.

Last, we need to spit with the Bills, taking our home game. In a way it's good that we play the Bills a bit into the season. Gives time for our oline to figure itself out and time for our dline to gel and get the young guys rushing the passer. Much better than playing them opening day. They did a great job containing Lamar and they should do decent containing Josh. If we win this game, we win it on offense. Zack needs a decent game and has the weapons now, especially with the Bills secondary out with injuries.

Our two away games vs the Fish and Bills will decide the division. If we beat the Fish in their crib and lose to the Bills in their crib, we'll be tied with the Bills for the AFCE.

Then it goes to tie breakers, with both the Bills and Jets at 5-1. Unless we pull of a miracle (2 miracles?) and beat the Bills twice.

Could easily come down to this: If we beat the Bills in their crib, we're in the POs.

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