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Tua Ruled Out for Sunday


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59 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

Edmonds and Gesicki are must haves for any fantasy teams.

Bridgewater is a terrible fit for their offence but his skill set is everything we can’t defend. Mobility, quick release, great short accuracy. This may not be any easier than Tua tbh.

His legs scare me. He could get a lot of nice runs against us.

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1 hour ago, Dcat said:

Wishing Tua a healthy recovery and I hope to see him on the field vs the Jets later this season or next season.  Health comes first.  Some things are just more important than NFL Football, you know?

As for the game itself, it’s always most gratifying to play ( and hopefully defeat) a team at full-strength. These days it’s rare as every team seems pretty riddled with injuries, Jets being a prime example. It’s a reminder of how physical and dangerous football is. In some ways, it’s what makes it compelling, but the real-life collateral damage is no joke. Here’s to Tua’s quick recovery and future health. I hate seeing any player go down out there, regardless of team. 

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2 hours ago, Paradis said:

It shouldn’t piss me off but it does. Of all the fanbases, you’d think we’d have a little humility when discussing QB play… but a quick oil check in July/aug Would tell you Tua was a joke according to jets fans. 


One wobbly throw in camp was all it took.

Hell, I bought in too and avoided Tyreek Hill in fantasy.

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3 hours ago, rbstern said:

Ruling him out on Monday?  Holy cow.  He must have really rattled some cobwebs loose.

This episode, and the number of guys who were ruled out during play on Sunday suggests the NFL and the teams were completely gaming the system put in place to protect players.

I'm sorry Tua paid the price for this.  I hope it doesn't destroy or shorten his life 15 or 20 years from now.

idc how good he felt. there is no way, after what just went down, he was gonna play sunday

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4 hours ago, Chewy and the Jets said:

Odd that we have two back to back games against teams coming off extra rest.  Was gonna scream conspiracy but then checked and for the next two games we have GB coming off a trip back from London and Denver coming off MNF so I guess its a wash.     

The Key is we upset two teams!

No One thought that we would be 2-2 now.

At this time they thought we would 0-4 or 1-3 at best when facing the other team with extra time, and then by the time, we faced GB and Denver who would think that we would be in a position to beat them, those are NOT traditionally easy teams to play!

Answer= No ONE!!

The NFL is doing something and it is not helping the Jets 

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Speaking as someone who has had his brain bounce off the walls of his skull a few times, Tua needs a lot of time off. He will never be the same. Despite Miami being a scumbag franchise, there was no chance he was playing this week. Honestly, he needs to consider retirement. Its hard since he is so young and talented but the blows he took are major for the rest of his life. He probably won't even realize it until a decade or two removed. Any further damage compounds several times over. Walk away Tua. 

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5 hours ago, slimjasi said:

Teddy is a very good backup QB  - possibly one of the in the league?

Very capable of torching this defense - those warm and fuzzy memories we have of our trip to Denver last year should be instructive 

So why didn’t we re-sign him?  We are complete idiots 

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4 hours ago, pointman said:

Walk away Tua. 

Probably good advice.

No way he follows it.  His agent has sent flowers, a cookie basket, and is giving him daily "you'll be back" pep talks.  His mom and dad would probably welcome his walking away.  Everyone else, folks who have money riding on him one way or another, will ride him into the grave, no matter how young.


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10 hours ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

Be careful what you wish for. Remember last year:

Broncos throttle Jets 26-0 

“Teddy Bridgewater was efficient once again. He completed 76% of his passes — 19 of 25 — for 235 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions in his home debut.”


Hopefully the Jets will put Bridgewater in a game of catch up and Then see what he can do.  Totally turn the tables.

The Jet D, especially last year, would allow the opposition to pick up double digit leads quickly.  Once that happens just about Any QB, starter or back up at the pro level will look better than they really are, because they get to dictate the flow the game.

As the Jets hopefully move up a notch this year to being at least “competitive Every game”, it’ll be interesting to see how well each opposing QB does against them.  Because now they’ll be under the gun to perform.

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7 hours ago, RoadFan said:

Maybe at the moment… but the Jets QB is waaaayyyy more entertaining.

Pfft…..Bridgewater is a Game Manager/System QB.  I was so happy the Jets didn’t somehow manage to draft him because you’d be wasting everyone’s time starting him.  He’s not or never taking you on any long play off run.

Wilson is going to be The Gunslinger.  Deadly from Anywhere on the field.

Foolish to even try to compare the two.

Foolish to debate which one you’d want QBing your team.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Pitt @ Mia,  How many roughing the passer calls in this one? It will be interesting to see how  this game plays out. After all the concussion protocol changes since Tua’s injury I can’t see how the NFL can let Tua get  slammed again without serious backlash.

Cleared or not can you imagine the media nightmare. Think Miami wins this easily, feel good story and all. Would like to see Flores revenge preferably.

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7 hours ago, Jet9 said:

NFL could learn a thing or 2 here. Ref knew immediately something wasn't right and stopped the match. Yes, I'm being serious.

FTR....I don't know what AEW's concussion protocol consists of but this was their tweet. 24 hours later it looks like they handled it well. 




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2 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

It's a little bit easier to manage fake/fixed entertainment masking as a sport.  And do they wrestle every Sunday for 4 1/2 months?

All I know is the AEW ref was on the ball in that situation. The injury wasn't fake at all, FWIW. I also find UFC refs usually quick to jump in and err on the side of caution to stop a fight and that's a good thing too. 


But if you really want to know...

They wrestle way more than once a week for 4.5 months, actually. I'm guessing most here know who Chris Jericho is. He's 52, in great shape and not just for his age, and has wrestled 21 times this year. He hasn't wrestled less than a 10 minute match since May. The two gentleman above, Jon Moxley and Adam Page, have wrestled 52 and 22 times respectively in 2022. AEW lets their wrestlers work independent shows if they want, hence Moxley's higher work rate. 

AEW runs a weekly live show Wednesdays on TBS. That's 52 weeks per year. They also have a Friday night show on TNT that has been live the past few weeks and looks like it might be going live full time soon with the WB/Discovery merger. Also 52 times per year. They also run 4 main company PPVs per year and have had other Co-PPVs with New Japan and Ring of Honor. Not to mention 4 yearly Friday or Saturday night specials. 


I don't watch WWE but everyone knows WWE. Nowadays they don't have such a bad schedule. One night on Raw or Smackdown and WWE still does house shows, so 2 nights per week these days. WWE runs a PPV every month. WWE wrestlers also cannot wrestle for other promotions. They have a way tougher schedule not so much with matches these days but with appearances and signings, etc...However, WWE was a place where the performers we're working and/or traveling 300 days per year. Do you remember when WWE and WCW went ahead to head in the late 90s? Part of WCW's initial purge of WWE's roster was that they didn't make their guys work 300 days AND they paid better. WWE eventually figured it out. All those dead wrestlers from the '80s and '90s gone in their 40s and 50s? Yeah, you can thank WWE's schedule for a lot of it.  AEW gives thier guys off for paternity leave and sometimes just a couple months off to regroup at the end of a storyline.


I realize pro wrestling is fake. It's roots go back to before the Civil War. That said, these guys get ****ed up for real all the time. I'm also not sure pro football is a the right game to compare it to. Football is tough but I believe its 13 minutes of actual football in a 3+ hour game. If you play 20 snaps in a game at 6 seconds per play (being generous) you've played for 2 minutes. Some wrestling matches are 'squashes' that last that long. Most are not squashes. They also work matches at 20+ minutes regularly. 30+, 45+ and 60 minute matches happen at the PPVs all the time. 

Ironically, guy who owns AEW, Tony Khan, is the son of the Jags owner, Shad Khan.

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