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Washington State LB Daiyan Henley and company


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So a few weeks back I put on a Washington State game to get a look at left tackle Jarrett Kingston.  He looked solid, but man did linebacker Daiyan Henley jump out at me.  Just with the first couple of tackles he made I was very impressed at how quickly he got to the ball carrier and I jotted his name down.  Then the broadcast says he's a converted wide receiver.  Not surprised at all based on his speed, but very surprised based on his "face in the fan" style.  Mentioned him on the JetNation live podcast and since then I've seen four or five prominent national guys mention him.  Because of him I've watched every Wash St game this season and I'll tell you what, Henley is my favorite, but they have some very good players on both sides of the ball.  But it's their defense where there's a ton of speed.

If you get a chance to watch a Wash St. game, check some of these guys out.

LB Daiyan Henley,

Edge Ron Stone Jr.

Edge Brennan Jackson

DB Chau Smith-Wade

LB Francisco Mauigoa

LB Travion Brown

DB Armani Marsh



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1 hour ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Speed guy with a nose for the ball?   How is he in coverage?  Sounds like a great find.  

Given the fact he's relatively new to the position I thought he looked solid in coverage and reports from Mobile suggest he's doing a great job.  Especially on day 1 vs the RB's.  Had four INT's two years ago and one this season.

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Henley has been one of my favorite LB prospects for a while now.  He's probably a 2nd rounder at this point, and I'd have no problem taking him there at 43.  IMO he's a better fit for us than a guy like Sanders.  If we can get the OT in the 1st, I'd be thrilled with Henley in the 2nd.  

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Tony Pauline had Henley as  a Day 2 standout:

Daiyan Henley was incredibly impressive during coverage drills. The Washington State linebacker easily flipped his hips in transition, stuck to opponents everywhere on the field, and showed a defensive back-like burst to the ball. His ability to get a hand in and knock away passes was only surpassed by the way Henley was able to track the ball in the air 25 yards downfield and then position himself to break up the throw.

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Fkn hell this is hard lol.  I mean, it's pretty much established we need to go OL in the 1st.  I'm sure some disagree but the majority of fans appear to be in favor of this.  


The problem is there are so many damn good prospects expected to go in the 2nd.  I have no idea which direction I'd go.  Skinner, Henley, Rice, Schmitz.  All would address needs, all would step in and probably start from day one.  IF guys like Steen and Morris continue to see their stock rise to late 1st rounders, I think I'd be more open to moving down in the 1st to pick up an extra 2nd.  Try to walk away with at least 2 from that group above.  Hell, maybe even 3 if we can move up from the 3rd.  I don't see any of those guys making it out of the 2nd round though.  

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