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Sauce Gardner was ELITE in zone coverage vs the Steelers | Film Breakdown


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Crucial stepping stone for the D.  They had the communication down, no WR's roaming free and that was a necessary tune up for what I assume is going to be a full day of zone vs. the Phins.   And while Waddle and Hill obviously are going to be very tough to stop, the Jets have faced a couple of very good WR cores this year so they should be up to the task.  Bengals have arguably the best WR's in the NFL w/ Boyd being their #3 and the Steelers aint too shabby either, Johnson, Pickens, Claypool big fast talented dudes.  They've had warm up to prepare them for this even though Waddle and Hill are a little different than those other teams WR's.


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2 hours ago, LIJetsFan said:

I wanted the OL at 4, boy am I glad JD knew better!  Go Jets!

Don't feel too bad about those OL sentiments...cause it's gonna be OL for Jets #1 pick next draft up.

Sauce has been so impressive.  He's such a dedicated student of the game.  He and DJ are playing at an elite level.  DJ may not be Revis...but he's a legit #1 corner.  And IMO Sauce will be even better then Cro as he gains experience. 

Now if Jets can get  good pressure-sacks on Teddy...maybe Sauce gets his first INT.

DJ-Sauce vs Hill-Waddle...

Can't wait!  

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