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Character is Huge!!!

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Credit JD and especially Saleh. They have definitely put together a roster of young men that you would want next to you in a foxhole. Working with guys from all over the country and building "Character" isn't easy. However when they see someone as steady as he is they will fight hard. Hell even the guys at the bottom of the roster are good and play hard.

I recently watched One Jets Drive episode 7. I can't express how proud I am of these young men on this team. They're really easy to root for.

As I have said in the past in my line of work I was not only a manager but I was a trainer. It wasn't just about training men how to do a job it was asking about their Fathers, asking about their relationships with their girlfriends or wives and kids. It was about gaining their trust.

My point about Saleh is that he's not just coaching a football team he's building young Men.

How many times have you seen guys being inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame that thank their Coaches? How many times have you heard guys say how hard it is when it ends and what do you do now?

Football is awesome but it's just a game. Touching and affecting these young people's lives matters more.

Anyway it's been a while since we had a team of guys we can root for that are really likeable so..

Go Jets!!


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Hey sorry I don't mean to come off wishy-washy. I don't gamble on football I don't play FanDuel or fantasy football. I actually see coaches and players and Men and their plight.

Easy example would be sports show hosts on the TV or Radio. We can all have our opinions... But do you know the price these guys paid to get there?

That's a lot of hard work, character and determination.

Unless of course you're Cynthia Frelund ..who I would marry right now without ever even meeting her. ?

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