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Why doesn’t LaFluer design runs for Zach?


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1 hour ago, Cannoli said:

With Breece Hall breaking out teams are going to key in on him which will open things up for Zach.

I really don’t understand why he wants this kid to play like Jimmy Garrapolo. Zach Wilson can definitely run. 

Cause he's coming off of knee surgery a month ago?

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So it all jumped out for me this morning.  Was reading about the upcoming GB game and how Mike LaFleur will face off against his brother Matt.  Normally, they are referred to as MLF but since both of them were in the article, they had to go with MaLF and MiLF.


Zach Wilson

I don't know what that means, but it has to mean something, right?

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He should not.  Zach might be the skinniest QB in the league.  If he needs to run for 1 or 2 first downs at critical moments... fine... but he cannot be wreckless and where we are in the development of the team... I do not think MLF should have designed runs for wilson in normal game scenarios.  Game winning 2 point try... 4th quarter 4th down conversion a must... maybe I can live with those,

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