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Rhule Fired

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The biggest problem with college head coaches is that they have ALL of the power, and rarely is that the best case scenario in the NFL.

Not to mention the talent is hardly ever on par from week to week.

I personally want no part of a college coach.

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3 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:


I said like 4 weeks ago he would get fired this year, he was utterly clueless. And his personality just rubs me the same way. When you hire a coach because he interviewed after he brought in groceries you have to ask yourself what in all fu-uck does that have to do with football. Glad to see him canned. If he said that Tepper should be very slow in paying him. Eff this guy. Single handedly ended both Sam's and Baker's careers (no they are not good but tell me someone like Reid or Daboll wouldn't have gotten anything oout of them

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1 minute ago, slimjasi said:

I think he sealed his fate with bad personnel decisions - encapsulated by wanting Darnold. 

Last year I followed carolinahuddle.com because off the draft picks to the Jets. Rhule also ran a high school football program among professionals. I’m not surprised about the tweet that his coaches wanted to leave. 

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