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Which teams do you guys hate


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2 minutes ago, freestater said:

Raiders. Definitely the Raiders. Especially with their new coach. 

Raiders are weird for me.

I should hate them dating back to the 60’s - but they had players like belitnikoff, snake and Davidson that I liked.

agree 1000% on the coach.

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The pats are #1 by a decent margin. **** bill and the rest of the cheaters. 

The phins have sucked most of my life just like the jets so I don’t really hate them, same with the bills minus the past couple years. 

the Eagles are a team I despise. Lived near Philly for almost a decade and their fans are such dickheads 

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I hate every single team in the NFL.  Present company included by I loathe the Dolphins, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders.  And I ironically, the Packers are quickly rising up that list.  The scumbags that have played QB there over the last 20 years are cringe worthy and guilt by association factors.

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5 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Not the Dolphins?

The Pats too but I think the Dolphins are our #1 enemy.

As someone from the Stone Age of the AFL days, I still despise the Raiders more than any other team except for the Giants.   Miami--and the decrepit corpse of Shula--are very close.  Pats were trash until Belicheat arrived, so maybe they're in the mix, too. 

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6 minutes ago, Sarge4Tide said:

I hate the Dolphins and Giants.  I also hate Saints fans but not the Saints so much.  And I hate Lou Holtz

You didn't like the Jets fight song Lou came up with.

It's Gold!

Win the game, fight like men

We’re together win or lose

New York Jets go rolling along …

When behind don’t despair

Because we will win if you care...

And wherever we go

We’ll let the critic know

That the Jets are here to stay!

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