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Zach Wilson Takes Down Miami | Week 5 Film Analysis


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Yea I much preferred his game against Miami (the first game was .. not good and we were actually lucky it wasnt far worse for him).

I thought LaFleur did a great job of play design to get him into his comfort zone, (simple reads, a few wide open slants to get rhythm etc)..

Crucially, there was a little less of what I consider dangerous play, where ZW does a Houdini act for 6-7 seconds in the pocket..  The sort of thing which is a guaranteed career ender if you insist on playing that way.

Here we have calm, controlled, not necessarily flashy but efficient football.  This sort of thing wins a lot of games in the league and has to be automatic, if you want to transition to higher end qb play.  If he plays like this the rest of the year, I would be *ecstatic*  I much prefer this meager stat line than 1 game 400 yards 3 tds, with a few other where its like 240 and 2 ints..


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