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Pennington - Marshall

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30 minutes ago, jetsons said:

Here you go... 

ps- I Always liked Pennington, used to watch him when he played for Marshall... Always had Great accuracy... & Hands Down The BEST play action QB I've Ever Seen.


Play action better than Boomer?  I don't know about that.

Btw, how ridiculous does Randy Moss look in these clips.  Man against boys.


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7 hours ago, Origen said:

I just love how insanely big the shoulder pads look in those old vids.  And how easily Chad could toss the long ball before his shoulder got smooshed into the concrete.

He actually always threw a pretty good long ball. Was the best in the league at deep passes the year he first hurt his shoulder. Velocity became the issue more than distance and it was the tight windows that gave him problems.

If he played in this era things would be so much easier as the middle of the field is now free to use in a way it wasn't before. 

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His play-fakes were the best I've seen in '02-'03.  He would have is back to the defense and nonchlantly take a few steps before turning around and firing away.  For whatever reason, he stopped doing that from '04 onward.  I think the all-time best play-action qb was Peyton because he did it so well for so long.

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