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Relive Jets' 42-17 win vs. Packers in 2002 | NFL Throwback


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That was enjoyable, especially seeing Favre throwing an int and  pouting on the sidelines at the end.  Two things stood out to me.  Chad was really accurate and he could throw better than before the 2 shoulder surgeries, but his arm still looked weak, and he was exposed against the Raiders in the Division playoff game.  Chrebet had some burst which you could see on that TD  catch and run near the end of the game.  The Jets had a balanced offense and they really blew them out that day.  Hopefully they look as good in Lambeau this weekend! Thanks for posting.

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1 hour ago, JetPotato said:

One of the best in-person Jets experiences of my life, right up there with the blowout win against the Colts in the playoffs

Mine as well.

It was very cold that day and I was able to get two tickets in the upper endzone about 20 rows up because many Jet season ticket holders did not opt in for playoff tickets so they went on the secondary market.

Anyway, my son and I go in about 2 hours prior to kickoff and we are literally the only two people sitting in the section. I see a guy come out of the tunnel with a Payton Jersey on and see him walking up the stairs. Yup you guessed it sits right in front of me.

Seemed decent and stated he was not one of those guys to go back and forth with Jet fans - just wants to enjoy the game.

Well you know how this turns out as the Jets are blowing then out and this guy starts to lose his mind. Jet fans were actually being decent and telling him to relax and calm down - simply not his day. He turns to one of them and yes picks the biggest damn guy he finds and says you can suck my - well my job at this point is to simply protect my son from the avalanche of bodies going after this knucklehead.

He ran down the stairs and about 10 guys chased him. 

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52 minutes ago, Dcat said:

Listening to the Pats game in the parking lot with my son and literally hundreds of others followed by a stampede racing to the gates not to miss anything!  

Best part was watching the end of Pats/Fish on the scoreboard inside the stadium and GS going crazy 

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