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Lots of respect for Todd Bowles

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I always liked Bowles.  He seems like a genuinely good guy and he certainly knows his sh*t.

It was definitely time for him to go when the Jets parted ways, but it was pretty clear he was going to get himself another shot, and it's certainly well-deserved.

Now if only Tom Brady would go ahead and **** off, I'd be happy to root for Bowles to have success as a head coach, just not against the Jets of course.

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13 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

He’s not letting race be the main storyline in a game where both he and Tomlin have 100% earned the right to be NFL head coaches.

How about asking the guy a football question?

Todd shuts down the narratives reporters are trying to create.



Good for him! We need more of this!

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36 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

Oh, yes, that notion I fully agree with. I misread the context of your first post. This thread is destined for khakis and tiki torches… “see, racism doesn’t exist!!”

Patriot Front are feds, dude. Lol, come on. As sure as Clark Kent is Superman. 



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