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Jets Interested in Ike Taylor?

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No link, someone posted it on TGG.

By Dale Lolley

Courtesy of the Observer-Reporter

Date: Mar 22, 2006

Ike Taylor tied for the NFL lead with 25 pass defenses last season.

The New York Jets have been a thorn in the side of the Pittsburgh Steelers thus far in the offseason, first signing former Steelers defensive end Kimo von Oelhoffen and then outbidding them for the services of wide receiver Tim Dwight.

Now, the Jets may have cornerback Ike Taylor on their radar.

With their trade of digruntled defensive end John Abraham to Atlanta Tuesday, the Jets now own two first round picks in next month's draft, their own pick (fourth overall) and the 29th thanks to the Abraham trade.

Negotiations between the Steelers and restricted free agent cornerback Ike Taylor have been sparse, leading the team to re-sign cornerback Deshea Townsend to a four-year contract earlier this week.

The 25-year-old Taylor has received some interest on the open market, according to agent Scott Smith, but the Steelers

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I don't know.

I really like Ike Taylor and what he brings not only as a CB but also as a KR but unless we're going to cut David Barrett or move him down to the #4 Corner there is no reason to delay Justin Miller's growth into the NFL as a starting corner. So unless we cut David Sucks Balls Barrett, then there's no reason to do this. As most of you know I hate David Barrett with a pashion so if he was to be knocked down to a back-up or cut from the team I'd welcom Ike with open arms.

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I'd hope the Steelers would match any offer for him. He has developed into a top tier CB. If ya look back at what he was able to do to Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison and Rod Smith during the playoffs it is pretty impressive.

I would definatly give my later round pick for him. Get it done Mangini, this guy is a good corner for sure.

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