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Michael Clemons says GB was like playing a home game


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There might have been some Jets fans there today but Packers games in Wisconsin are an institution and there’s no way there was anything even close to us having any kind of a home field advantage. Maybe the fans there are not as intense and hyper partisan as other fan bases and more respectful to opponents. And that’s a good thing. 

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3 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Im not understanding this.  U saw this coming a mile away.  We have a generational gm and coach and tons of young talent.

Why is this surprising to so many?

Because it's been 6 years since that Fitzmagic season (that ended up very disappointing) and 12 years since our last playoff appearance.  Even though I really liked our draft, it's another thing entirely to actually start seeing them win games.  I honestly forgot what it was like for the Jets to be good.  These wins are so great to watch.  Though, admittedly, our most important puzzle piece (ZW), remains a question mark.  If Zach starts playing up to his potential then we'll REALLY have something.

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