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Jet fans have gone from "Fire Everyone" to "The window to win a Super Bowl in now".

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30 minutes ago, football guy said:

Posted without comment for the analytics people

Disclaimer: I cannot opine because I don't know what this data even means, but keep in mind how many Bills fans had been calling Josh Allen a bust before even giving him a chance to play in his 3rd season...


It means nothing but it’s fun to look at and pretend like it does mean something.

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8 hours ago, football guy said:

I’m not calling anyone dumb. I’m saying that coaches and evaluators alike are not putting weight into stats the way fans do. Whether he throws for 30 TDs or 15 TDs is far less important to them than his overall in-game management and efficiency. I’m not saying stats are irrelevant either — they’re relevant in context. The Jets are more interested in how Zach manages the game down-to-down + how he performs in high-leverage situations. The goal coming into this year was for him to master the little things that the Shanahan system demands out of a QB. Don’t feel the need to be a hero all the time; understand and trust his pre-snap reads, make the appropriate checks, understand and trust the protections, stick in the pocket and trust the play progressions, and when all else fails feel free to flip the switch into playmaker while limiting the turnover-worthy plays. It’s process over result. 

I’m not saying that Zach’s games were more impressive than Sam’s from a statistical/production output, rather, Zach has done what has been asked of him down-by-down better than Sam did and better than we saw out of Zach all last year… if you ask any talent evaluator or coach to rank Zach’s games against TEN (his best statistical performance), TB, PIT, MIA, and GB in a vacuum, they would say MIA was probably best, PIT, TB, GB, and TEN performance last by a wide margin. Why? He was inconsistent, didn’t play within the offense, and too often played hero ball. He got away with it and made big plays to win the game, but it wasn’t efficient nor is that kind of play sustainable. Sound familiar? (RE: Darnold in 2019)

Goal isn’t to minimize what Darnold did in those games either. Just keep in mind, he played in an offense that was pass first by design thus had more opportunities to throw and most of his production in all of those games were on busted coverages or outside of structure. They were impressive, and it’s a shame that Sam never had the opportunity to play with a staff who could teach him how to be more consistent down-to-down, but the overall point stands that at the NFL level coaches and scouts want to see how efficient a QB is running an offense. They drool at the sheer skill and talent (especially for prospects), but they put more weight on those who execute an offense the way it’s designed to run and a player’s ability to be efficient at the NFL level. This is what makes Mahomes and Allen so special; they came into the NFL as raw playmakers, have learned to master down-to-down tasks efficiently, and it has helped them evolve into highly efficient playmakers both inside-and-outside of structure. Sam never mastered the down-to-down and as a result he was a highly inconsistent across the board despite his playmaking ability; Zach is showing significant growth in his down-to-down efficiency and the hope is that this will help him become a highly efficient playmaker as well. If and when he is able to master the little stuff and become more efficient as a playmaker, that is when we will see fireworks. 

ok good post. i understand it better now. but this is my problem.

i can understand the baby steps but he has 11 games to take the next step. you mentioned Mahomes and Allen. well Mahomes mastered everything immediately. he had 51 TDs in his 1st year. and as i mentioned Allen took a big step forward in year 2. so these 2 raw playmakers didnt need full seasons to master the little things. we would have to be concerned if Zach needs a full year to do it.

i get that the stats will not be good, but by the end of the year we got to be able to look at the last 4-5 games and say, now he doing good. those stats have to say something. or at least get of 60 comp %. that should be the 1st thing he masters. if he gets that everything else should fall into place.

things are going to get ugly and not just in here if when the loses come and they will cause we are not going undefeated the rest of the way and he is still learning the little stuff.

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Apparently, according to a much longer thread, it is ZW's fault for Moore asking for a Trade as he is the worst QB in the land. Other posts say that the CS ruined Moore. Even when the Jets win, the fire everyone / Zack is a bust crowd is in full swing. Imagine how bad it will get if the Jets go on a losing streak.

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