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We all had questions going into this year ...will the 4 kids be what they should be ?

Will the LB's get it done ?

Will Quinnen be a monster now that he's not getting double sometimes triple teamed because all our other DLmen were hurt last year ?

Will Zach play in the moment ? In other words play smart ball when its warranted (yesterday) and let it fly when needed when the Fins were staging a comeback last week ?

Will our scheme/coaches work when the players actually start to execute ?

These were all legitimate questions going into the season and the Jets seem to be doing well in all 5 areas mentioned above which is NUTS. Trying not to be too much of a Homer here but it looks to me like this team is going to be Elite faster than we think and I think they are too young to suffer a let down. We steam rolled 2 teams the past 2 weeks we were supposed to be 7 + point underdogs too and now all of a sudden we are going to be ranked top 10 in the NFL ...Bet we all wish we had Zach in those first 3 games we could very well be looking at 5-1 it was obvious to me we had better talent than those teams but we had a tree at QB and had to wait for the OL to get healthy and in sync. Dwayne Brown at his age shocked the hell out of me yesterday and while we did have a few hiccups on the OL yesterday you can't dismiss the fact GB has a really good front 7 and defense overall. 

Yes this team is for real and these wins are adding to the confidence. This is exactly what I spoke about weeks ago ...if we could win a few games this team will gain confidence and thats exactly what we did !!\


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