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Jets 27 Refs 10 Packers 0


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Wasn't able to watch the game yesterday.  Listened to the first half then tried a stream that froze every other play,  Very frustrating.

Just rewatched the game on NFL+.

What a joke.  All points scored by Green Bay was a result of extended drives by bullsh*t penalties.  Unbelievable.  Our D was lights out.

An Zach was not terrible.  Some bad luck, a batted pass that killed one drive, and drops and bad routes by Garret Wilson.  He is a rookie and hasn't had time to get chemistry with Zach.  Hopefully his game improves.  One or two bad throws, but that happens to all QBs.  We will see what the all 22 shows, but no one looked open.

Zach came up big in the 3rd Qtr with both the bomb to CD and the drive to answer after the refs gifted Green Bay with 7.

3 things:

1) Our future looks bright!

2) The refs and NFL powers that be hate the Jets.

3) Some of you are delusional.

That is all...


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I watched game last night too; while the penalty against sauce was crap - it didn't matter as the other penalty was, well I hate the call but it is called all of the time. The un-sportsman like penalty was apparently legit - Saleh copped to it. Sure they could have explained it, but they did to Saleh. The other PI was weak, but unfortunately that is the way the NFL PIs go. And, if you don't want to be called for stupid stuff, maybe we can stop hitting the QB late. While there was a bunch of flags on that drive - they weren't all unreasonable.

They also could have thrown the intentional grounding call (radio guy said it was close about him being out of the pocket). They could have hit QW with a roughing call, even though QB out of the pocket and didn't. And they threw a bunch of penalties against Packers on the Jets' last drive. Yes the missed the late hit on Hall out of bounds, but they just suck.

While the refs mostly stink, they were pretty consistent. If you want to get angry at anyone about not blanking the Packers the two to blame are...

CS on the last drive in the first half. With under a minute to go on 3rd and 1, you run the ball so that the clock still runs or GB has to use a time out. Then, at 4-1 with a long FG in the rain, you go for it. If you miss the 4th and 1, GB gets the ball but 7 yards further away. Since the clock stops on change of possession, you can run or pass it on 4th down.

If you don't want to give GB second and third chances to score, stop making bone-head plays. They have been doing it most of the year. They also will blow one drive per game. They are young, so I get it, but keep up the good D and lose the stupid penalties. 

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