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Max Mitchell & George Fant


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3 minutes ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

It seems like Fant would be moved to right tackle and AVT goes back to guard, right?

Coaches have said that Mitchell needs to get stronger this year in general, so it would seem that he becomes a back up tackle at least for the rest of this year.

I think that would be the plan. Fant didn't play well in limited action this year but he was so solid last year. Have to think he is going to Right Tackle and then AVT can go back to where he wants to be, right guard.  Then the running game should pick up even more.

You have Herbig and Mitchell as backups for guard and tackle. Not bad.

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Pretty amazing how against GB only Tomlinson and McGovern were starting in the spots we expected them to before the season began.

Expectation was for Fant, Tomlinson, McGovern, AVT, Becton.

They beat GB with Brown, Tomlinson, McGovern, Herbig, AVT


Have to give a lot of credit to both coaching and the hard work of these players.

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now that brown is playing fant will most likely go to tackle and that will put avt back at guard.  i doubt if mitchell starts again this season.  they'll put avt at tackle if fant or brown go down and then use herbig at guard.  it sounds like they're doing a pretty good job at shuffling the oline.

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