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The Saints will not draft Mario Williams.

I don't understand how that rumor has picked up so much steam. The Saints feel that Will Smith is their best defensive player and they were ready for Darren Howard to go so that Smith could play every down. On the other side is Charles Grant, who has had 10+ sacks in two of the past three years and is one of the most popular players on the team.

If they aren't able to work out a trade, the Saints will take D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

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Hmm,Ham,you've got the Vikings taking a RB first round still huh? That's Interesting,huh Thunderbird? ;)

Couple of questions for ya Hammer...First would be about the Vikes pick,you really like Maroney over Williams? Just looking for your insight.

As far as the Jets draft,they could do worse than Cutler (coughcoughvinceyoungsuckscoughcough),but I personally would rather see D'Brick if he's still on the board and we're not projectingn trade. Finally,you really think we'll take another day one cb?

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Vikings are tough team to get a handle of Shutout....I've been leaning running back the whole way, but I keep reading media reports out of Minnesota that contend they want to go linebacker...

Greenway had a super Pro Day today, but if he gets to 17, the Vikings may jump:

1) He's a great athlete, and linebacker with speed (ran 4.58 today).....and they need help at LB.

2) He's a local prospect -- sort of-- South Dakota roots for the Minnesota teams, like Jersey does the NY teams. They already signed Ben Leber, LB from N. or S. Dakota.

3) He's a very high character pospect......Coming off the boat thing, that's big....With the Green and Tice duo sent packing after more than a decade combined, character will finally count.

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While I can understand Chicago looking for youth at OT, I don't see them using their pick on Eric Winston, especially with the rumors about Angelo and Smith having concern with Charles Tillman.

The Bears picked Marc Colombo in a similar spot several years back and he never amounted to anything. he blew out his knee, had it rehabbed time and again, and was a complete waste of a pick. Winston was great before he injured his knee, has still is not the same. I could see Chicago going TE(Pope), linebacker or corner, in that spot, unless Holmes somehow dropped.

I also think Sheffler is a reach in round two. I think he could be had a round or two later. Good player, but the value is not there at that point. Just too high.

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I don't think the Saints will take Williams with the #2 pick overall, but I could be wrong. However with the FA signings, I feel that we have put ourselves in position to either take Leinart with that pick, or take Furgeson, or even trade down and still take Furgeson or A.J. Hawk depending on who we have rated higher. I would think that with our OL being overlooked, I would also think that if Mangold were there at #34 we would also take him, but I wouldn't be upset in the least if we did draft Jackson as you stated.


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