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Once a Jet Always a Jet - Ed Reed watching Sauce


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3 minutes ago, Xtina said:

With that polished look I’ve never understood why Ed is not in front of a camera on a major network 

Agreed. Dude did it as good as anyone in his day. A legit threat to score every time he picked the ball. Miami turned out some absolute great ones back in the day. 

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29 minutes ago, Lith said:

Love the "Once a Jet Always a Jet comment."  A guy who played 7 games for us.  On the other hand, he did pick off 3 passes in 7 games, one more than....  

Ahh forget it, I don't want to bring him up right now.

Are you referring to a safety who tries catching the ball with his facemask?





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I have literally no memory of Ed Reed on the Jets. 

I just remember him single-handedly beating us on an INT return for TD in a game the Jets had no business losing. 

And who could forget that we drafted Bryan Thomas 2 spots ahead of him in the draft. That worked out.

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