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Moore not at practice?


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22 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

I think he will be inactive.  Could be the birth of Mimsy!!!

While I agree - he might be inactive.  

Mims is still WR 6 on this roster.   But hopefully, like Bryce Huff proved - get him on the field and he'll make an impact.

You know, really.  If all they're going to do is have Moore run go routes, might as well make that Mims.

Just as fast, with a bigger body to go up and get the ball.

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3 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:


I was trying to figure out earlier how JD accumulates draft picks next year. 

Guess I found out. 

As a short receiver you have to run routes like a bulldog. Haven’t been overly impressed by his intensity nor did I think it jumped off the screen last year either. He’s not going to be Tyler Lockett I don’t think. But maybe this is a wake up call too. 

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36 minutes ago, fullblast said:

So Moore had a spirited talk with LaFleur, and then Saleh gave him a day off too cool down and clear his head.


These guys are competitors, this stuff will happen. If this coaching staff is worth anything they’ll find a way to get him more involved.

Well scratch that

s reactions genius GIF

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4 hours ago, slats said:

Hopefully people will read too much into this. 


4 hours ago, Ghost420 said:

Drag what out? Clearly said family matter but let's call it something else lmao


4 hours ago, Dcat said:

so you manage to troll from...   he missed practice due to a family issue today....... to......  Just trade the dude.

Flat out stupid.  You realize that you have been an idiot lately, right?


4 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

Or crazy idea, take the comment as truth and move past the psychic network routine here.

celebrity reverse gif GIF by FirstAndMonday

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Just now, Dcat said:

do you honestly think your prediction is realistic?  LOL.  I guess we wait till trade deadline to see who is (or needs) drugs. 

We shall see, my drug addicted friend. As Nancy Reagan once said. "Say No To Drugs".

Get on the bandwagon with the 30K plus post JGB folks. You have been yelping about absolute nothing for 20 plus years. 

This team has a chance to do something and you folks want to bring the board down with your nonsense.

Get onboard, you are one of darksiders (Hint) from yesteryear, This Jets team is ready to take names and kick a**.

Where is SAR I (Mr.Scott) probably driving an X7 by now with his Mark Sanchez/Sam Darnold is going to be the greatest of all time.

Time to let the new blood take over and all you 30K post folks enjoy the ride.

This is a new era of Jets football.

Yours truly,

Green Truth


I am probably double your age.  Been watching this team suck since 1979, but I am onboard.



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6 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:

Don't follow me down this path... i questioned the validity and now must atone for my transgressions.

Side note we are winning games for once and Moore decides he needs to be a distraction.... he can go away. 

I was questioning not what Moore is doing but that is was somehow being blamed on Zach.

This is about the way he's being used - the routes he's being asked to run.  Not about the Big ZW.

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