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Elijah moore requests trade (merged)


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1 hour ago, Biggs said:

Since Moore’s outburst the pick looks even better.

For sure, although it’s very possible there’s no outburst if Wilson isn’t selected and utilized over Moore in the position that he is better suited for. 

It’s all hindsight obviously, but I think having so many similar players in one position is a ponderous plan. 

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9 hours ago, Mogglez said:

Kind of yes and kind of no.  LaFleur’s version of this offense is a mix of Kyle’s and a mix of his brother’s, so trying to identify what they want the WRs to do is tough to completely pinpoint.

After watching the Moore target video from last game. I have no clue what the wrs are suppose to be doing. 

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22 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:

Did Elijah Moore create a Burner Account?  :( 



It's certainly possible, I think it would be more believable if we got to see earlier tweets than just since the trade news came out. I think there is a better chance it's a fan, agent, or troll based on the screen shot/video

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