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3 minutes ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

Win I don’t care how it looks 

Agreed. Hopefully it is a smooth game. Another strong defensive performance and they finish drives on offense.  Hell even some early field goals will help.

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Great game thread already. You know the one thing is people are talking about this defense but I just don't think it will be a problem I think we are going to run per usual but also I think this game Zach get over 200 yards passing. I know not the biggest leap but I think we are going to see him get one passing TD .... It might be a break away we run in from Garrett but never the less a passing TD. Something tells me that it fits the game plan and gives an added bonus of giving the coaching staff something to show moore that in the NFL the team is going to win anyway it can and even if you are not featured this week, your chance could be next week. It also will give Zach some  boost.

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this is gonna be an interesting game. both have good defense and crappy passing games. jets have an advantage at rb because breece hall is THAT good. jets have a coaching advantage (crazy right?) because nathaniel hackett is even worse than his father was. its gonna come down to who can play better defense. i think the jets come out on top. they handed a nice little beating to the packers defense, and they aren't slouches. the thing though is that the packers don't have the best run defense whilke the broncos run defense is better and thats the jets strength on offense. we are gonna need to have zach wilson make more than 10 completions in this game. the broncos have a good pass rush and have only given up 3 passing tds all season and they are like 5th in the league in points allowed. this is gonna come down to the jets wrecking the broncos offense and brett rypien (which i think they can do). the broncos best rb is melvin gordon and he has had fumbling issues so they signed the ancient latavius murray and gave him almost all the carries last week. now they say gordon is starting. hackett is a mess!!!!

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