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<<<<<<< Jets vs Broncos -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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5 hours ago, neckdemon said:

3 in a row. and in those 3 games he went 58/89 (65%) for 838 yds with 7 touchdowns and 1 interception

and football is a team game so zach wilson is getting these "wins" despite the fact that he sucks major ass

totally ok with that...

for now I just want wins

too long since we have a bunch of these

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

Looks like losing to the Jets has toppled yet another organization. Allbright has been pretty adamant that they won’t fire Hackett in-season, but losing to the Jets might be the last straw



Hopefully losing to the Jets this year makes Beli retire!

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On 10/24/2022 at 2:40 AM, Maxman said:

More importantly, who started this thread?

I was sleeping people. I can count on one hand the times I go to bed before midnight. Got up, went downstairs to the basement so I could give this game thread the love it deserves.

And it worked. Again. 

Website newbies like @BP insist on using ****'s in the thread title. But after consulting with @The Gun Of Bavaria we went back to his air defense days and realized that Jets need Wings. 

Then <<<<<<< Jets vs _____ -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>> was born. 

We ran our findings by site captain @FidelioJet and here we are.  @The Crusher is throwing us all a big pizza party to celebrate.

The season was saved. People arguing about Zach and upset about Breece are missing the point.

The game thread has all the power. Now that we have the formula right, the Jets are flying high and won't be stopped.

You are all very welcome.  :)

Sorry, I had to shut the WiFi off to be able to load your beloved site. 

good job btw.. now make Al and I really proud and guarantee a Jets win tomorrow by starting the game thread on time and fixing Al’s WiFi issue ?

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