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MNF Cheatriots vs Bears: QB Index game


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12 minutes ago, ZachWilsonRightArm said:

exactly. Jets fans love hyping up other teams players. 

Says the guy with your handle. 

I don’t love it. I loooooathe it. 4/4 and 100 yards and TD? Zach was 4/8 for 18 at this point this weekend and has a season on Zappy

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3 minutes ago, maury77 said:

Nice sidearm throw by Fields there to avoid the defender. Outisde of that boneheaded decision to run out of bounds instead of throwing it away, Fields looks decent so far given that its New England on the road and in the rain. 

And then he takes an awful sack

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3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Straight up dying over here reading cope-posts from the Zachopono Defense Society talking about how Zappe and Fields going up and down the field right now is fake news. ?????????

I hate to admit it but you're right Tom. I give in.  ZW looks nothing like what's happening tonight.  It crushes me soul. 

And I'm fricken pissed bellif@ck found the one guy who might out goat tb12.

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4 minutes ago, JetsYanks13 said:

So in 9 NFL quarters, zappe is better than Wilson. On Sunday, after 1 quarter, you said rypien was better than Wilson. Sounds like you can determine a franchise qb quicker than NFL execs. You will roll with flavor of the day at QB to say Zach sucks, got it.

Suggesting Zach is maybe better than Zappe and Rypien, even if true, isn't the flex you think it is.  

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