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Name A Worse Day In Franchise History

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9 minutes ago, tommyduhamelshouse said:

I can not think of one.

Mark Gastineau roughing the passer on Bernie Kosar or the day The Jets Hired Adam Gase or Rich Kotite. This is just a bump in the road. They were not supposed to be a playoff team this year. Meaningful games in December was the goal Douglas set.  They will get to the goal and still possibly make the playoffs. All up to Coaching and Zach.

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Wow, not a lot of replies to this thread but some absolute FIRE answers

- Vinny's achilles
- Belichick resigning on the napkin
- Woody buying the team
- Dennis Byrd's paralysis
- AJ Duhe Bowl
- 1998-99 AFCCG
- The exact moment Roethlisberger converted that 3rd down to Antonio Brown in the '10-'11 AFCCG
- Trading for Tebow
- Gastineau late hitting Kosar
- The Butt Fumble / Thanksgiving massacre

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1 minute ago, WILLY said:

Especially in 1998 - up10-0 at halftime in the AFC championship game.  Some of us remember "the fumble" in the 3rd quarter as the Jets were driving to go up by at least 2 touchdowns on John Elway. WAY WORSE.

Ya man.  That one hurt. 

And the kicker with the AFCC loses is the pain / regret lasts for weeks,  all the way through the superbowl and following day parades!

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Y'all are soft like a bunch of hen pecked husbands. If Zach doesn't get it together, they were never going anywhere. If he does, this team has playoff potential. This defense is special, but not like the one that took the Bucs to the SB. They need a functional offense.


Sit down and enjoy the ride. 

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3 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

For me this should be number 10,000 on the list, an insignificant play in a blowout game having no bearing on the outcome Why Jets fans want to own this as a coat of arms is beyond me.  

I wish that were true. 

The difference here I'm viewing it from? You can talk to a good amount of casual NFL fans, and half of them dont know anything about our team. 

You can ask them about the Buttfumble...and even non football fans know about it. It's a visual representation of our ineptitude for the last 10 years. 

So that's about as terrible as it gets.

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