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Jets acquire James Robinson [merged]


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11 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

He’s a RFA after the season.

Tag him with a 2nd round tender at years end with the willingness to take a 3 or a 4 if Hall is on track to make a full recovery.

And if you can’t deal him for that…whatever.

You’ll have a 3 headed monster of Breece/Carter/Robinson in 2023, all under 25 years old.

Don’t know if we have the QB or not, but my faith in Douglas and Saleh has grown substantially over the last 4-5 weeks.

It’s a win win situation.  If he does well we can tender him and get some compensations as long as Breece is on schedule and making great progress 

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1 minute ago, C Mart said:

The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to explain why James Robinson wasn't used more on Sunday.

Sound familiar? 

This time, though, the Jaguars' head coach didn't tell media to ask the team's running backs coach. Instead, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson explained on Monday that the third-year running back played just 12 snaps on Sunday and didn't record a carry due to a knee injury he has been dealing with.

“He has been dealing with some lower body issues, mostly in his knees right now, but he is a big part of what we’re doing," Pederson said on Wednesday

"Just soreness, and he was dealing with it a little bit in the game. Look, I’m big about, I want to make sure, I know they’re not always going to be 100 percent, in games, but I want them to be close, and I want them to not worry about it from a mental standpoint."

Robinson could be seen stretching on the sidelines at times during the 23-17 loss to the New York Giants, though he wasn't on the injury report throughout the week. Robinson has appeared in all seven games this year after a late-season Achilies injury in 2021, 

After 51 carries in the first three weeks, Robinson has just 30 over the last four. By comparison, Etienne carried the ball 26 times in the first three weeks but has rushed 42 times over the last four games, recording over 100 yards from scrimmage in the last three and having his first 100-yard rushing day on Sunday.

"We know Travis is playing well right now, too. It doesn’t take anything away from James," Pederson said. "It just so happens that in certain situations Travis is getting the ball, but as we move forward, we’re always going to continue to find ways to get James going, in the mix. He’s a big part of what we’re doing.”

The question is now how much the Jaguars can mix Robinson into the offense while still being a pass-first unit. Etienne has taken control of the backfield thanks to his explosiveness and ability to break off long runs, giving him an edge over Robinson that he may not give up.

"Again, it just goes back to how well Travis was playing at the time. Again, nothing about James’s playing time, nothing about him as a running back," Pederson said. 

"I’ve got a lot of confidence in James. We’re going to continue to find ways to get him on the field. I feel like, as an offense, we are better when both those guys are playing."

In general, I feel better now. Thanks for posting this. 

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Like Michael Carter but Robinson is far above Johnson or Knight.  We are a contender again, with two top quality backs.  A top defense and a solid running game will be our mantra again..  Now if Zach could finally make the jump.  Fant and Mitchell back after the bye.

Big test against New England this week.  


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I love this kid. I had him in fantasy football his rookie year (I know, I know) so I watched all of his highlights/flim. He's not sexy but he is one tough runner who gets the job done. Good vision, can catch the ball, tough to bring down. He's not much of a home run threat, certainly not in Breece's class. Obviously he's coming back from a major injury but he looked good early on. I'm a bit surprised JAX phased him out so quickly, especially for a featherweight like Etienne.

He is an upgrade over Carter and Johnson, though I imagine Carter and Robinson will have a pretty even split going forward.

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The left side of the OL, led by Brown, is really starting to gel in the running game particularly.

I think it’s crystal clear that the Jets are going to be relying on an old fashioned “ground and pound” philosophy while Zach continues to figure things out.

If he’s still the same QB by seasons end, then obviously you have to at the very least bring in a Garoppolo or Minshew for competition, if not outright draft a QB in Round 1.

But the Jets can still make a playoff push this year as long as Zach can limit mistakes. But if he offers little more than that, then obviously we won’t get over the big hump.

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11 minutes ago, BCJet said:

Akers was more dependent on his speed/burst then robinson and its not athletic ability that was causing Akers to be traded.  He isnt a team guy and cant pass protect. Robinson is a team guy who can catch and pass protect, he is also a one-cut runner who isnt a burst/home run threat.  Hes a great fit given the compensation and circumstances.

Not sure if my quote is unclear but I love this trade as well. Wouldn’t touch Akers with a ten foot pole. 

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28 minutes ago, extmenace said:

Lol, I play fantasy football.

not a single rb since 2000 has been in the league within 3 years of sustaining that injury aside from d’onta foreman.

I play fantasy football as well but god that's a  cringy way to begin your argument... let's get real cringy and compare how many leagues we're in....

I'm not looking three years ahead on a short term fix we spent  a conditional 6th on. He's playing fine right now. He could be gone or RB3 next year. Doesn't matter in the interim.

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8 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

This trade does nothing for me.  Robinson is a JAG.  Not to say we shouldnt have made the trade.  Joe D felt we needed to do something and he did what he could.

But this does not excite me one bit.

Im am stull in major breece depression.

Literally and figuratively.

Well not literally anymore, but he was until about an hour ago.

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22 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

He's actually been very good this year. Lots of big runs the first few games, but the jags are turning to ETN as their primary back. 

Nobody is trading a starting caliber OL mid season

Yes I know…..    or anytime for that matter .  I can have a wish list though no?😁

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27 minutes ago, extmenace said:

I hate it because we could of spent a little more and got a RB not coming off an Achilles injury. If we’re going to get a guy, get a guy that isn’t coming off what is still considered an injury rbs never recover from. 

It's BECAUSE of the injury history that we got such a good RB for so cheap.  And meanwhile he's looked fine this year. 

This is such a weird take man.  This is an absolute net positive.

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