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Zach Wilson - Positive Vibes Only Thread


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24 minutes ago, JETS SB said:

I have tried to read through the other threads but even when the subject isn’t about Zach Wilson, we find a way to destroy the guy and turn him into so much worse than he really is. So, I am starting this, to share “positive vibes only” for Zach. 

1) 4-0 with Zach is not a coincidence. 1-2 with Flacco isn’t a coincidence. Defenses play you differently when the QB is a threat with his legs and has ability to improvise. The run game doesn’t do what it did, with Joe Flacco. 

2) Zach is not a great QB yet, not even a good QB. I am not blind. But he has a combination of tools that are not replaceable. A great arm, an uncanny ability to improvise, and good speed and rushing ability with quickness. Flashes of throwing the long ball, when he gets the time. 

3) Last year, he made a ton of mistakes that turned into turnovers. He seems to learn each week how to avoid those same mistakes from happening again.  Including near the top of the league for QBs with nearly the fewest turnovers so far this season. 

4) Unselfish, team player, guys respect him as the captain, has had outstanding 4th quarters, and I could go on.  But you get the point. 

There are 100 other threads with Zach Wilson bashing going on. Let this thread be some positive vibes about our QB. Maybe he doesn’t last, who knows. But he is our QB and like it or not, he is our chance to make this a special season.  

He’s undefeated this season and the last 3 games has not turned the ball over. If that trend can continue that would be very good. 

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18 minutes ago, JETS SB said:

Figured I would get a bunch of dumb responses. Not shocking from this group. But whatever. Figured I would add Zach is #1 in the NFL in 4th quarter pass completion % at 85.7% in 2022. 

You’re not gonna change JN.  Only Zach can do that.  Embrace it and join in on the jokes.  

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