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Is the pig finally ripe?


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After over what is forever, Bill Bellechik and the Pats have owned us...Rightly so, we sucked, for reasons we all know...

To win, I think Zach rises to the occasion, not talking all world, but as New England dares us to run and chases Zach around, I think our receiving corps will shine...a few chunk plays by Garret W, a big play or two by our prodigal son Elijah, a few RB and TE passes, he gets to 270 yards and 2 TDs and maybe one interception... Pats don't even know who their QB is (insert lame Zach joke here)..

Both Defenses will represent, ...Our special teams has to be among the top in the league...Zach steps up we win...Our running game will face the Pats who will be willed to stop it...  James Robinson, and MC will get some hard fought yards, hopefully we punch them in the face repeatedly all day long ... 

The Pats won't make mistakes and take dumb penalties, if we can limit mistakes and penalties, they die....

Come together, homers, haters alike... Eff Billy "vocal fry" Bellechik 




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2 hours ago, Lith said:

The pig has already been slaughtered.  Too bad it was Buffalo that did the slaughtering.  If we are lucky, maybe we get to pick at the carcass on Sunday.

They still have our number, 12 in a row… Gotta a break that

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