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NFL Trade Deadline Thread....Nov 1st


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Thought we should have a thread for this, already a number of trades including us getting Robinson.

Giants traded Kadarius Toney to the Chiefs for a conditional 3rd and a 6th rounder.  One would have to think that would be the type of comp teams may have offered for Elijah Moore.

The Jets do have a few assets they could deal, the question is do you deal guys or keep them for depth?

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27 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

They guys I am thinking about trade wise out going are Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis.  Mims is a given but I don't see anyone offering much for him, or at least not enough.

There’s no rush, and I don’t know if any of these guys have more value now than they’ll have next March. If you didn’t learn the lesson last season, Denver was a helluva reminder: injuries happen. Douglas has done so well with the roster that he’s no longer hungry for draft picks, especially the late ones you’d be talking about here. So you’d really be looking for players who might help you now, and player for player trades just don’t happen that often in the NFL. Most teams selling want draft picks. The right deal for the right OL? Maybe. Don’t see anything outside of that, and I really don’t even see that. 

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Jets need a starting caliber right tackle thru 2023.  To compete with Mitchell, at the very least serve as a swing tackle.  Fant is an unrestricted free agent who I don’t see coming back.

Team B needs a starting caliber cornerback thru 2023– someone who is better in zone than man.  A guy like Bryce Hall who was drafted for zone systems.

Both teams in contention; both teams gain draft flexibility next year.  Preferable team B is from the NFC.

Any inequity handled by throwing in a 6th or 7th rounder.


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39 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:


Well, this is new information. 
I’m in In JD I Trust mode on this one. The cap is in fine shape. He’s got a roster full of young talent. Trading a high pick for someone who’ll be one of your starting tackles for the next four years or so… ? They can afford that move. Can’t give up a major asset for a one year rental, but they can comfortably fit an extension. I’ll be content either way on this. 

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